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Ride Gears’ Chains are produced in one of the biggest factories in Asia which maintain just one standard premium quality with high grade fresh steel. With complete controls on internal processes in proprietary laboratories, this ensures that we supply & export high performance chains that does not just break easily like other low-quality brands

Quality chains, specially designed and manufacture for road bikes up to 250cc. Special extended bushings, developed to reinforce the press-fit into the link plates of the chain, ensure a high resistance to chain kinking All chains undergo pre-loading to increase fatigue and wear resistance.

engine oil

Ride Gears engine oil and lubricants embrace high technology production standards that constantly strives to meet the latest global performance specification.
Long Life, Long Drive!

Provides quality protection for 2 wheelers & 3 wheelers.

Suitable for all riding conditions.

Available in a range of SAE viscosity grades


Unlike other Asian factories which use recycled rubber and no control on elasticity & process, Ride Gears tubes will be produced in a high-quality factory which used fresh natural rubber of high grade, with strict control on dimensions and process.

Natural Rubber – Inner Tube comes in 2 options
A: Tension 9MPA, Elongation 480%
B: Tension 10MPA, Elongation 500%


Unlike other Asian factories that use recycled rubber, with no control over elasticity and process. Ride Gears’ Motorcycle Tyres are produced in high-quality, reliable factories that use fresh natural rubber of high grade, with strict controls on dimensions and process.

Explore the full range of tyres with us.
Rule the Roads with Ride Gears!


There are many factories in Asia for Motorcycle battery in all possible qualities. Ride Gears battery is manufactured in one of the top-3 factories. This factory is fully dedicated to only manufacture motorcycle battery and specialize in it. So, its not just a typical 2w battery which is made in regions known for cheap price & bad quality. With our policy and commitment to reliable good quality, it is one of our top offering with an extensive range.

Ridegears Motorcycle Battery comes in 4 versions:
1. Dry-Charge (Lead Acid Battery – Traditional Batteries)
2. Maintenance Free (Lead Acid Battery)
3. Sealed Maintenance Free (No acid top up required)
4. Gel (Silica compound inside, no acid required)